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We are a community driven RuneScape clan whose members range from newbs to hardcore veterans.

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About us

Our attitude is laid back and our main goal is to make RuneScape a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

We host a multitude of events and competitions every month, including but not limited to daily sinkholes, biweekly competitions, PvE and PvP events, themed and seasonal events such as trick-or-treating, and more!

Join our Clan Chat as a guest to talk to us. You can also ask for an invite here.


Our active subreddit is home to all the clan information, our wiki, staff list and latest news.

Check it out

We keep a clan PvM drop log where you can see all the big drops our members get.

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While our main drive is to be a fun clan, we are also one of the top 20 Clans in RuneScape. This allows us to give our members acces to a few priveleges:

  • Tier 7 Citadel: up to 400k experience + 50k Bonus Experience per week
  • 3 Clan Avatars: 3% Experience bonus worldwide, 6% when skilling near the Avatar
  • Clan Teams: Do activities like Sinkholes with 5 friendly, non-stealing clannies. Say goodbye to the w134 shitters.
  • Clan Mentors: Get 1 on 1 help from our experienced PvM/Dungeoneering/Skilling/PvP mentors.


Our clan uses a fair Clan Points system to rank up. No levels or gear are required. You gain Clan Points by capping at the Citadel, attending Clan events or simply by gaining experience.

Once you reach certain thresholds of Points, you'll automatically rank up. Once you reach Captain, you can apply to be an Avatar Warden.